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Power Through Sport C.I.C is a not-for-profit sports development organisation specialising in the provision of alternative sports including Roller Sports and Ball Hockey.

PTS was setup to unite and empower the once thriving hockey community in the North East, having spent 7 years developing multiple opportunities across the North East our next step is to establish somewhere to call home! 

Targeting low-income and underserved communities across the North East, opportunities aim to rebalance rising health inequalities, reduce antisocial behaviour and through education and training, inspire the next generation of future leaders.

"There is Power in Unity and Power in Numbers."


Any activities which are conducted by PTS are to benefit the community in line with the objects defined on incorporation:


​1. Develop a community sports hub to enhance the opportunity for greater accessibility to a wider range of sporting activities.


2. Improve, increase and promote opportunities for children and young people in sport, fitness and physical activity through advocacy, information, education, research and training.

3. Engage the aging community in appropriate sport and leisure programmes.


4. Create regular sporting events for members of the community, to help them sustain participation in sport and use it as a catalyst for positive development and success.


5. Promote Health and Wellbeing amongst community residents through improving the understanding of nutritional values and healthy lifestyles.


6. Create employment and training opportunities through sport coaching and mentoring.


7. Any other activities which may work towards to these objects.  

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