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Roller Hockey

Visible in every residential cul-de-sac of the 1990's, Roller Hockey was a sport familiar to every young person. Following the closure of multiple specialist facilities and the devolution of neighbourhood sport, Roller Hockey was all but extinguished in the North East.

The hosting of Power Through Sport Invitational 3on3 Tournament in 2018 and the bringing together of 6 regional teams brought about a new dawn for North East Roller Hockey.

Now with senior and junior opportunities running across the North East, Power Through Sport has provided strategic guidance, policies and procedures as well as personal time and money to help establish various programmes across the North East.

Looking to support the Roller Revolution? Get in touch or come and join one our sessions today!

Puck Hockey Mondays @ John Spence 7-8pm

Ball Hockey Tuesdays @ The Parks 8:30-9:30pm

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